TIP OF THE MONTH: Preparing your roof for the winter

During these long winter months, your roof will be taking on some harsh situations. Prepare her for the duration of snow, rain, wind and all the other things Mother Nature throws at her.

Here are some tips and attached roof inspection form to help you prepare your roof and make it through the winter with everything intact.

  • Use a ladder to get up on roof
  • Take leaf blower and blow all extra leaves off
  • Cut any and all branches, stems or trees back from the roof.
  • Caulk around the roof vents with a good “trowelable” caulking that is elastomeric.
  • Inspect all your ridges and valleys to ensure the flashing is properly sealed
  • Inspect to make sure nails are not “pulling” through

Use the attached roof inspection form to keep for the thaw in the spring. Once all the snow has melted and the roof is dry and ready, prepare to coat your shingles with Natural Sealant 104 clear coating.

If you live in the southern states, pretty much any time is great to coat your roof. As long as the temperature is ABOVE 50° F, you can coat your roof.

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