Return Policy

If terms are established, a service charge of 3.5% per month will be charged on all invoices not paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Returns are not accepted on orders after 30 days of an order being placed. Deposits on orders of 100 gallons or more are non-refundable. Clients agree to pay reasonable attorney fees and collection costs incurred by Anchor Coatings Manufacturing, and give their personal guarantee as to any outstanding payments. Warranties are based on the material being applied to the original surface, such as metal (coated or galvanized steel, weathered aluminum or weathered copper), clay, barrel or concrete tiles(including Bermuda), rubber membrane, concrete (except foot traffic surfaces such as decks or patios), urethane foam, primed wood fiberglass, weathered standing seam or corrugated metal roofs. If the product is being coated over another coating, please advise Anchor Coatings what the existing coating is. Anchor Coatings will warranty based on the current existing coating based on a sound substrate. Warranties are not provided for application over non-sound substrates. Moisture test is advised to ensure the substrate is sound and proper adhesion is achieved.