Natural Sealant 104

For use on shingles, roll roofing, cedar shake and a variety of other surfaces. This 100% clear, non-yellowing coating is designed to preserve, protect and rejuvenate different roof surfaces. Designed as prime and top coat.

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Natural Sealant 104 is a unique water-based 100% acrylic resin formulated as a clear coating to seal, preserve, protect and rejuvenate a variety of substrates. As a result of its low viscosity and microscopic penetrating properties, Natural Sealant 104 locks into the substrate to produce a water-repellency barrier. Additional chemical agents are added to resist mold, mildew and fungus growth. This product appears milky-white in color but dries to a non-yellowing clear.


Natural Sealant 104 was specifically engineered and developed as a penetrating sealant for us on surfaces such as asphalt, asbestos, fiberglass and cedar shake single roofs, fiberglass skylights, natural or pre-painted wood surfaces, cedar shake exterior shingles, concrete, brick, stucco, barrel tile roofs, stone, aluminum and metal surfaces.

Product Data

Vehicle: 100% Acrylic Resin
Solvent: Water
Flash Point: None
Drying Time: 2 hour to touch (77°F & 50% relative humidity) 12 hours to re-coat
Percent Volatile by Volume: 78%
Weight per Gallon: 8.6lbs
Solids-Weight: 26%
Solids-Volume: 22%
Colors: Natural Clear
V.O.C.: 0.607 lbs/gal

Environmentally Friendly
Keep Out of Reach of Children
Product will freeze below 32°F (0°C)


Surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt, grease and mildew. Remove any trace of mildew by washing with a solution that kills mildew spores. Old coating or residue that is loose or peeling must be removed by scraping, sanding, wire brushing or pressure washing. Avoid using cleaners with built-in wax or silicone additives since this may affect coating bond. Make any necessary repairs or replacements to damaged or leaking roof material. Rusty metal surfaces should be primed with the proper material, see Metal-Koat 102, Rust Inhibitive. If repairs are needed, please refer to “Go Green Roof Repair”.

IMPORTANT: Where ponding water conditions persist beyond 48 hours, roof drains or other corrective measures must be installed to eliminate water build-up prior to coating the roof.


Be certain to use a clean brush or roller to avoid contaminating the product with other pigments or color. Apply with a brush, roller (1 1/4 Nap), or spray equipment (Airless Sprayer – flow output 1/2 gpm, minimum pressure 2000 psi, tip size 0.0517 (minimum). Apply 1 gallon per 100 square feet with 2 coats minimum required. Drying time is retarded by very high humidity. Do not apply at temperatures below 50 F. Coating should have ample time to surface dry before evening dew sets or it is rained upon.


Clean brushes, rollers, spray and other equipment immediately after use with hot soapy water.