Welcome to Our New Website

We are happy to be up and running with a great new site to sell to consumers, DIY’ers, Building Owners, Commercial Painters, Commercial Roofers and anyone else who wants a great product!

In our first attempt to talk about paint and coatings…First we need a brief overview of what paint REALLY is…. Let’s not be coy! Any paint company can make a “good” gallon of paint. It’s what goes into that gallon of paint that makes it stellar!

What’s in a gallon of paint, you may ask??? Well, we will tell you….

1. Pigment: This creates the colors. This is usually Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and other dry powders.
2. Binder: This causes the paint to adhere to the substrate (surface)
3. Resins: Helps the paint film to harden, think when paint dries, it hardens to a shell.
4. Solvent: This is what makes paint a spreadable liquid. It evaporates as the paint dries. Many different types, Acrylic, Urethanes and Oils.

Hopefully this will answer your question about “what the heck is in a gallon of paint”…

Now, why do they vary so much in price? Well, that’s simple. It’s either 1 of 2 things…the paint company has a great gimmick or the particular material ingredients in the paint. The higher quality pigments and resins are what drive a gallon of paint upwards of $30-$40 dollars. Chemical companies drive this commodity. It swings all the time…So, as paint manufacturers, we ride these things out; not overcharging for what could happen…

So, next time you see a gallon of paint that is $7.00 or a gallon of paint that is $14.00, decide for yourself…What is the project? Do I want it to last? If the answer is Quality and long lasting, go with the $14.00 bucket. It will save you in the long run.