Company Mission

Every year we are amazed at the continued support of our customers, new and old! Our mission has always been to put our customer first! We continually strive to make a great product at a great price and provide amazing customer service. Our mission is simple. Provide a great product at a great price and stand behind it. Keeping product in stock, providing technical help when needed. Bottom line, our customers come first!


Since 1975, Anchor Coatings, Inc. has been family owned and operated. We take pride in a product not only made by the hands of local employees but the fact we are MADE IN THE USA. When Chemical Engineer brothers Tom and Harry Wischmeier started Anchor Coatings, Inc. back in early 1975 the main goal was to produce a high quality product without much fillers and to be environmentally stable and sustainable. To this day in 2015, Gary and Debbie Tutor and their daughter Amanda Kelley still take environmental consciousness very seriously. Not only are we manufacturers of low V.O.C. products but our manufacturing facility is completely sustainable. We recycle everything from our rinse water to our plastic five gallon buckets. We donate buckets to local farms for worm composting and to our contractors who need or want them. Inside our office, we recycle all of our paper plus our daily coffee grounds go to the garden we have created on our property. Truly, how many manufacturers have a garden they tend to for their employees? We want you to join us in the environmental movement to create sustainable buildings, homes and offices.

Gary Tutor , President

Has over 25 years in the coating business. Starting out as a residential renovation specialist transitioned quickly when he purchased the company in July, 1989. As President of Anchor Coatings, Gary takes great pride in creating relationships with roofing contractors, building owners, commercial contractors and alike. His extensive knowledge in exterior, interior and roof coatings, he will be able to answer any technical questions you throw his way. So please do call and ask!

Amanda Kelley , Vice President

VP, Operations and Sales, comes with over 15 years in Sales, Operational and Customer Relations. After serving the commercial and governmental sectors in Human Relations, she rejoined us in 2001. Since she has returned to Anchor Coatings she has streamlined the manufacturing process, implemented better quality control processes and grown sales over 30%. She looks forward to understanding your coating needs and to develop a working relationship with you to serve your customers whether it be the building owner or the contractor.

Tammie Ballentine , Office Manager

Office Manager and Customer Relations, her attention to detail and organization can not be matched. She makes sure the whole Anchor Coatings, Inc. team is in check with each other. She is always friendly and willing to find the answers to our customers questions. If you call to solicit business though, you can be forewarned she is an amazing gate keeper. Call her with any question! She WILL find you the answer!

Anthony Turner , Paint Manager

He is our Color Master who specializes in custom color matching every gallon of paint to the specifications of the individual customer. He loves to meet with new customers to discuss their projects and direct them to whatever product serves their needs best – whether you need interior paint, exterior coatings, stains, painting tools, anything – Tony is the man to help you decide! He has been with Anchor for 3 years, but has a whopping 30 years of experience in the industry.

Gary Price- Manufacturing Guru

Gary has a short stint with Anchor Coatings, Inc. several years ago but has rejoined our little family 2 years ago. He brings the “flavor” to the mix. He makes the donuts, as we say. He makes sure all of our raw materials and products are in stock, handles our batch testing, lab testing and makes sure our babies(products) are right, true to formula and quality remains the best.